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Mauritius Destination

With a heart as beautiful as its coasts, Mauritius is like a cocktail sip composed of anti-stress made up of leisure resorts, a dose of cultural discovery and a finger of nature activities. Not to mention a bunch of smiles and a huge twist of kindness as a bonus!

Maurice ... The word acts like sesame. As soon as it has been pronounced, the imaginary drift of clear and warm lagoons, where the palette of blues turns into a color chart. Turquoise, lavender, jade, indigo ... the lagoon exhibits its fragments of color as an ongoing challenge in heaven!

Paradise is not in the sky : it is on earth. 



Mauritius hotels

Mauritius Island is known for the quality of its welcome and its services. Distant from 560 km of Rodrigues, both islands have complementary assets which will know how to dazzle the most...

Activities & Excursions

Particularly renowned for being among the most beautiful beaches that promote sunbathing and relaxation, Mauritius, don’t forget, also includes panoramic landscapes with a biodiversity often...

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Mauritius Promotions

Maurice > Hôtels 6*
à partir de 2585.00€ 2950.00€ (7 nights) per pers *
Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury 6 *
Located on the north coast, the Royal Palm, which is the most...
Maurice > Hôtels 5*
à partir de 1140.00€ 1300.00€ (7 nights) per pers *
Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa 5*
Recognized as one of the greatest leisure hotel in Mauritius, the Paradis...
Maurice > Hôtels 5*
à partir de 1370.00€ 1555.00€ (7 nights) per pers *
Shandrani Beachcomber Resort & Spa 5 *
Located on the south-east coast of Mauritius, the Shandrani Resort &...

Mauritius Favorites

Maurice > Hôtels 5*
As from 1534.00€
(7 nights) per pers *
Constance Le Prince Maurice enjoys an idyllic location on the north-east...
Maurice > Hôtels 5*
As from 843.00€
(7 nights) per pers *
Bordering a 2 kilometer long withe sand beach, the Constance Belle Mare...
Maurice > Hôtels 5*
As from 971.00€
(7 nights) per pers *
Situated along a huge whitesand beach bordered by the Indian Ocean...